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About the strain:
Low Med High

When the grower treats their plants like family, you get something incredibly special like this Purple Space Cookies.

Purple Space cookies is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain originating from British Columbia, Canada. A cross of its parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poisin, it features prominent crystals. The aroma of Purple Space Cookies tends to be sweet and grape-like with undertones of pine and earthiness. The experience of Purple Space Cookies is often described as euphoric and relaxing accompanied by a boost of energy, making it a perfect strain for social environments or mid-day smoking.

This potent strain is used by many to treat their chronic pains and aches as well as stress and depression.

The effects are very euphoric and happy yet hard hitting.

What makes this Purple Space Cookies special?

  1. The flower has been hung dried for 21 days… talk about TLC
  2. The Jungle Boys curing technique showcases 15 days of bin curing. The branches and leaves are left on. Once the flower has been taken out of the bins then the flower is trimmed by hand.
  3. This time the genetics have been married to a Lemon Kush for the most crazy effects.
Uplifting, Happy, Euphoria
Stress, Depression, Chronic Pain
About the vendor:

OK Craft

Always great herb
2 Customer Reviews

OK Craft Herb and Extracts make some of the best herb and extracts in Canada. A ton of effort and time goes into making all the products they provide. That word passion gets thrown around a lot but with these guys, passion for herb is their middle name. Quality herb and extracts = OK Craft/Okanagan Craft.


11 Responses to “Purple Space Cookies”

  1. Kelly Nairn says:

    Ohhhhh yeah.

    Looks exactly like the picture if not better. You can feel the high pretty much immediately, I had 2 bong hits and the feeling slowly creeped across my forehead. It was lovely, haha. Has a deep, earthy yet sweet smell. Kinda berry/incense if that makes any sense. Amazing :)

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  2. Mike says:

    Didn't care for this stuff

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve ordered anything from Highland, I gave up on them after ordering a really bad batch of Kish a year or so ago. I figured I would give them another try, I thought maybe since they’ve been putting out a bunch of pricey options lately that maybe they’ve upped their game but I wasn’t impressed with this stuff at all. The smell isn’t anything special, the bag appeal is okay, there is lots of purple in there but any plant can produce purple with a little cool temps added. I think this stuff should be priced more around the $200 mark, although the flower I got from Ok Craft for $140 an ounce was much nicer. Not on par with the South Coast flower.

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  3. Shawn says:


    Agree with Mike that this is way overpriced. SPK was more than $100 and oz here and probably a bit better. Still, nice tight buds, nothing huge but covered in crystals. Nice smooth and long smoke, nice high as described.

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  4. Marty says:

    All good

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  5. Jennifer says:

    It was ok

    Nice buds and nose, but I was expecting more, OGDB was cheaper and better.

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  6. Brian says:

    Not Good

    This is yet another disappointing strain from Highland. Dry buds that although they look nice, there is little to no “euphoric” or “hard hitting” effects at all. The fact that Highland is asking 280 an O for this is laughable. This is the second time I’ve been disappointed by Highland and it will be my last. Save your money folks.

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  7. Andre says:

    Not bad

    Had a chance to smoke a j. Clean burning, smooth earthy taste with decent effects. My favs are the lemon drop and blue lemon also triple chocolate chip was much better IMO

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  8. Cornelius van strien says:

    Im surprised that the powers that be here , will not post the 2 reviews that i had left for this product. How is that in any way honest freedom of speech.
    Keep your reviews !!

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  9. Justin says:

    Not bad

    It’s got nice fruity flavor, but not super potent. I’ve had stronger PSC in previous batches…

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  10. Sarah says:

    Middle Ground

    Not terrible but expected more from the price point and potency

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  11. Evan G says:

    Another banger

    Giggle on giggles on giggles and the flavour is primo… sweet berries mixed with fresh cookies.

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