Psilocybe Mexicana

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Magic Mushrooms


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About the strain:
Magic Mushrooms
Low Med High

The Psilocybe Mexicana was and is still used by the Mazatec indigenous people, a tribe that comes from the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, the region that introduced magic mushrooms to the world!

The Mazatec have a long tradition of using Psilocybe Mexicana magic mushrooms for spiritual and ritualistic use. They eat the magic mushrooms only at night because they believe that if they eat them in daylight they will go mad.

These are super bomb and very beautiful.

If you’re looking to start microdosing please checkout this awesome beginners guide to microdose mushrooms.

How to micodose Psilocybe Mexicana magic mushrooms:

The microdose regimen is a 3 day cycle. On day 1 you consume and on day 2 and 3 you do not. This allows for your system to reset so that your tolerance doesn’t interfere with the magic effects.

For microdosing use 0.1-0.3g per day.

For recreational dosing, the dose is really up to you. There are some folks that love going on long spiritual journeys where they take 3-10g. For a fun time at a social gathering you can get away with 0.5-1g.

Rec Effects:
Warm and Strong Visuals, Spirity Journey
Microdose Effects:
Focus, Elevated Mood
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  1. Brandon says:

    Big chunky mushrooms

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    Big chunky mushrooms like the pic shows, taste horrible but definitely do the trick once you get them down. Lots of caps and nicely dried

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