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About the strain:
Low Med High

Blue Dream strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast users. The Highland quad is back and discounted due to nug size being small to medium. Effects are still quad!

Crossing a Blueberry Indica with the Sativa Haze, the Hybrid Blue Dream strain balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. It’s as if you are cruising above the clouds while playing “I spy with my little eye”. What a beautiful strain.

These nugs are smaller, hence the price drop but they’re still dense yet fluffy spade-shaped green nugs with amber hairs and slight blue undertones.

This BC bud is dusted with a fine layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.  This is one of the nicest Blue Dreams we have ever come across.

With a sweet berry aroma reminiscent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. The nose on this flower is to die for, just ask Dean. It will stink up your entire house seconds after you open the bag. It’s a fruity yet earthy and sweet smell – just gorgeous. This is your IDEAL daytime smoke. You can roll up a couple per day and still be fully functional.

In addition, we consider this strain perfect for psychological problems. Almost every other strain with this high Sativa content (versus Indica lineage) can tend to cause some level of paranoia but with Blue Dream we have not known of any instances like this. You get the best of both worlds without the worst attached.

Remember, this strain is potent but leaves you clear headed. It’s one of those magic strains.

7 gallon pots

6 weeks in veg and 10 weeks in flower.

Each room has 32 lights.

No pesticides or carcinogens are used in the growing or curing process. Predator bugs are introduced as a natural preventative.

Whole plant hung to dry for 15 days as humidity is slowly dropped in the room.

Placed in totes after to cure for 14 days with the stock still on the bud.

Hand trimmed, where trimmers only touch the stock of the bud and slowly place into bags.

Bud is only touched a minimum amount before the final customer receives it.

BC BUD REGION: Grown in Squamish, BC.

Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy
Stress, Pain, Depression, Insomnia
About the vendor:
Boutique micro-cannabis growers.
5 Customer Reviews

Highland’s cannabis is artisanal, locally grown, trimmed by hand and cultivated by a top horticultural team. Not only that but they are a true and tight-knit family which makes for the perfect combination of team work, productivity, and creativity. Highland grows some of the best cannabis in the country.


48 responses to “Blue Dream”

  1. Chris says:

    Awesome daytime smoke.

    A+ strain, can’t go wrong with Blue Dream!

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  2. Randy says:

    best Ever

    the best weed i havehad it wll destroy you anxitety and mellow ou out and no paranoia at all will get again

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  3. Bradley says:

    Sativa yes but watch out.

    Not your topical sativa, this gem will slow you down a tad but still a great day smoke.

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  4. Aysia says:


    the first thing i noticed about this strain was the scent! it smells very specifically of when frozen strawberries are blended into a smoothie…. i swear i’m not crazy….
    lovely smoke. i did feel a bit sleepy an hour or so after smoking her, but i was able to push through it pretty easily. if you do have time for a nap, i think this strain would be nice too. a very heady high. brings creativity out of me like no other. also the euphoria is a+.

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  5. elsie says:

    Blue Dream

    I initially purchased due to sale, ordered Monday and at my door Friday. There is a unique smell to this medicine that is different from most, breaks up easily in my buster, and was tasty. Fills the volcano lovely. Another great purchase.

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  6. Cody says:

    Great sativa

    I usually avoid sativas think this strain has changed my mind awesome stuff would order again ??

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  7. Shane says:

    Whaaaat a Hybrid!

    Blue Dream has always been one of my favourite strains, this batch will not disappoint! Great balanced taste between that earthy Sativa Haze and that sweet Blueberry indica! The high is great! Soothing, but productive and no sign of pain, stress or anxiety! Even if you don’t like Sativa dominant hybrids, this one isn’t over powering in the slightest! Never had a bad experience with Blue Dream! Enjoying some rn as we speak!

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  8. marcus says:

    This is Great!

    This strain is beautiful, something special. Everyone should try it!

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  9. Ashley says:

    True Classic

    A great classic strain. Always wanted to try this one and I truly loved it. Nice high, Happy and Energetic. Good for the afternoon.

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  10. Gabryel says:

    Sweat dream You mean

    I understand why theycall this a blue dream when you feel completely in a dream after smoking only one blunt of these this is perfect

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  11. james says:

    Legit triple a strain

    I tired on sale and id pay full price for it. Smooth buzz like surfing on a wave buying more soon.

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  12. Brian says:

    Dreamy buds.

    Appearance 9.5/10 hard dense light green buds,medium to large sized and coated in thick white crystal, a little sticky, a few pale orange hairs,trimmed and cured well.A bit dry.No complaints.
    Aroma 10/10 sweet and earthy with hints of fruit and gas,tickles the nose,really nice layered scent.
    Flavor 10/10 strong thick delicious expansive vapor with a little kick!, again sweet and earthy with fruit and gas notes! very nice.Layered just right.
    Active effects 10/10 a long lasting very nice high that reminds of the kaia kush! strong sense of mental well being and physical contentment,relaxed and happy but still energetic, excellent pain reliever, effective mood enhancer.+A.
    Overall 10/10 nice looking, great smelling and tasting buds that provide a high that will nourish your mind and body with what they need.
    Killer bud, if you have ever had the Kaia kush i think that you will really like this stuff, the same goes the other way, if you like the blue dream give the kaia kush a try!
    TRY IT.

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  13. Dana says:


    yeah just an old school blueberry hybrid good day time vapes smooth not super heavy but nice….

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  14. jeff says:

    Good Clean High

    Aroma 8/10 Taste 7/10 Potent 9.5/10. Picked up on sale so I’m pleased. Expected more taste but it does the job.

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  15. Guillaume says:

    Nice one

    This is some nice blue dream ! The trim is nice 80% a bit dry whit some nice orange hair its smell like blue dream taste cloves berry really good 85% the buzz is relax head high whit body buzz this is a nice strain coulb be more beautifull vut for the price is realy nice ! You should try it !!

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  16. thomas says:

    5 star

    first order with GWP and not deceived at all,lot of crystals,all over the buds and bag ,,,tastes spicy but in a good way,,thanks

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  17. Andrew says:

    Always a Fave

    I have no complaints about this one. It’s always a go-to for me. One bowl and I am instantly brought to a place of comforting, blue, cotton-candy clouds and a focused, clear mind! I will be coming back around to this one for sure <3

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  18. Andre says:

    Nice smoke 7.0/10

    Got this on sale during Boxing Day 1/4 $55 And half of the greasy pink Nice buds nice smoke nice taste, actually quite impressed Overall.

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  19. Eric says:

    Cannot go wrong!

    One of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to grow personally WP friends!!!

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  20. Gabryel says:

    Dont ask why its a best seller!

    This strain is a legend!
    Cant remember having a bad time with that strain

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  21. Thomas says:

    Great for its price

    Had a good smell . Great high for the price but seems like it doesnt last too long have to keep lighting back up.
    Bud size was good but was alittle leafy. Overall i enjoyed it and wpuld probably order more

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  22. Tyler says:

    Blue dream the way it should be

    I gotta give it a 5 star. While I have not purchased this myself yet, I am at my hood friends and fellow white palmers house. My good natured friend took it upon himself to roll me a personal joint of this to try because he enjoys it so much himself. I gave to say I have tried this before from a different L. PLEASE and was nowhere near as far as happy with my purchase as I was with my friends purchase through white palm. This us a fantastic High mixed with a delicious flavour and a very fair price tag.

    Changed my impression of this strain. Hats off to northwest. I have yet to be disappointed with an offering you have made. A true top shelf bud.

    Thanks to white palm and the grower. Hoping to get this next time it’s fresh in for optimal experience ?

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  23. Aaron says:

    soo dreamy

    The stuff dreams are made of. very blue flavor, potent. big beautiful buds!

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  24. wayne says:

    blue dream

    great stuff gets you stoned for sure a definite buy again taste like kush and has a earthy taste and smells like a certain type of wood thanks wp!!!

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  25. Dominic says:

    Perfect daytime smoke

    Blue dream will leave an amazing smell on your fingers. Tastes good, feels good.

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  26. Davis says:

    Dreamy buds

    Absolutely love this strain, from the smell to the taste. One of my favourites!

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  27. Denis says:

    Good stuff!

    Great body and mind buzzz!,,

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  28. Bradley says:

    Stinky goodness

    Straight up classic Blue Dream jut a lot more stinky than I remember. The sativa hybrid gets you going with a true wake and bake.

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  29. Ryan Giles says:

    Huge fan

    Blue dream is killer and these guys dont disappoint

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  30. James says:

    Name is right on'

    Boy o boy, if you have troubles sleeping, this is the strain for you! It has a slow come on and that gives you the time to put your jammies. Be prepared for your pain to ease enough to have a great night sleep this is our favorite for relaxation. Nighty night folks.

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  31. Jamie Sutherland says:

    Amazing blue dream

    This stuff tastes so awesome. Blueberry haze explosion. Looks really good and smells even better. It’s blue dream so don’t expect a super high but what you will get is a beautiful calm at peace feeling

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  32. Alissa Dagenais says:

    Blue dream

    Great for daytime use.

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  33. Brittany Allison says:

    Favorite strain

    Absolutely loves this!!! My favorite of all of them I order it with every order.

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    • MaCyber says:

      Nice Bud

      Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

      I find most strains with BLUE in the name are a great nighty nite puff. The Dream does not disappoint :)

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  34. Chrishtyann Brown says:

    Won’t buy this again

    This the second bag I’ve gotten at this price of 250-280. An I’m not empresses with this either. Will not b ordering this ever again. Yes got me high. But. 4 the price I expect more. The bud r light. An not a sticky an dense buds like I was expecting

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  35. Evan M. says:

    Blue Dream Review

    This Blue Dream was a very nicely grown bud, It was definitely ripe and had that nice rich bouquet you expect from a quality Blue Dream flower. The bud having been given the time to mature did have a fluffier and less tight appearance which is fine, but I noted also that the leaflets did show some signs of damage from mites. Typically, with longer flowering periods when we grow organically and avoid the systemic pesticides the bud can get mites, this does reduce the vigor of the plant. Some reviews have mentioned the bud is not as tight, but I generally prefer the mellow and pungent terpenes of the bud when its cropped later. Even if you get a seed, no biggy. Not perfect, more oldskool. This bud was also a very smoooooth, takes me back! Rich ripe flower, flushed right out and that light smoke, no harshness. I have had better Blue Dream, more sticky, & stronger, but this was spot on for the money. I will certainly buy it again. 100% legit.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  36. Danielle says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Feels like I’m in a canoe on a lake – very calm and balanced. Rocks me to sleep and tastes particularly sweet on first hit.

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  37. Fargensnarkle says:

    Love this stuff!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Amazing, powerful aroma that smells of blue. A hit of this in the morning is absolutely sublime!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  38. Colleen says:

    Great !

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Very nice!

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  39. Nick says:

    Smells fantastic. Tastes very fruity and sweet. Smoke is nice and smooth. And it gets me very high. Definitely recommend

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  40. JF QC says:

    Very good :-)

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Very good !! 😊
    I’ve tried the precedent harvest
    Aroma is super intense !! Impressive………..
    Nice little buds of Blue Dream
    Goooood taste
    Strong High !!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  41. Blarf! says:

    Just the sweet smell makes it worth buying!

    Some 2 yrs ago, standing in line in my local gov shop, the customer in front of me kept rattling on about how Blue Dream was a great strain. He wasn’t wrong.
    Since then I’ve been trying to find some that’s worth the merits it is given in online reviews.
    I’m happy to say this one seems to fit the bill. Just opening the jar and digging your nose in it to permeate your nostrils with that wonderfully sweet odor already puts you in a dreamy relaxed mind set just ready for the energizing buzz to follow.
    Sorry. Got carried away. I would recommend this batch. But not the price. The ounce is as expensive as the Greasy Pink… :p

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  42. Kevin says:

    A legit grow

    One of the best if not the best blue dream grows I have tried. This hit just perfect without slowing me down, killed any negative thoughts or anxiety, and gave me a nice chill smoke for after work. Pricier than I have paid before but the quality of this grower and strain is 🙌🏻

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  43. Micheal Greene says:

    Killer Blue Dream

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    High folks. I usually lean Indica but this was on sale. Figured now was the time. I’ve had Blue Dream plenty before from dispensaries and it was great and all. Holy moly man this Blue Dream was amaze balls! Straight up 🔥🔥🔥🔥 it is on sale due to the buds being smaller but man this did nothing to take away from this flower. Smells amazing! Blueberry grass and flowers is what I get but it is so good! Taste is similar but not that strong. The high is immediate and heavy. It is so relaxing that it damn near is as good or better than most so called Indica I get lately. You could sleep if you attacked this to aggressively. Should be great for a day off and doing chores or gaming. I’d never buy it at the regular price cause that’s ludicrous but a nice treat on sale! Try it now while you can. Cheers✌️

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  44. al atansio says:

    Cheeesy blue dream

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    The nose is blue dream with cheese and I ain’t mad.
    It was fun to sample buy some to check it out
    Great terp profile forsure you can just tell.
    The small amount I got has quiet a bit of shake for 3.5 but other then that I was happy !

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  45. ScorndeeBleether says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Smells wonderful .Tastes great . nice buzz

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  46. Mosey says:

    Wow high test on sale...I’ll give it a go

    Does Product Matches the Description? No

    Thought after reading reviews thought I would give Blue Dream a try.
    Talk about WTF very dissatisfied,disappointed,and surprised that after all the hype.

    Will not buy again even if it’s on sale .

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

  47. SEAN R says:

    Best Strain for Daytime

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I have had many different strains of blue dream and this is hands down, the best one I have tried. Great for daytime!

    Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

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