Super-critical Carbon Dioxide offers a safer, cleaner way to do cannabis extraction. WhitePalm makes it easy to order CO2 Vape Pens online in Canada

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Order CO2 Vape Pens Online Canada

When it comes to weed vape pens the extraction method used can make a difference, for some users the idea of using Butane as a solvent for extraction isn’t appealing. Supercritical CO2 extraction offers a solution to the Butane issue by doing away with hydrocarbon solvents and using natural Carbon Dioxide instead.

Instead Carbon Dioxide is cooled and put under intense pressure until it forms into a liquid it’s then pushed through the plant material to extract the Cannabinoids and then evaporates, leaving nothing behind but pure oil. WhitePalm offers a wide range of strains, brands and hardware configurations so you can order CO2 Vape Pens online in Canada with ease. With more vendors coming online with new strains you’ll never run out of pens to try so you can find your new favourite.