If you’re looking for a more measured and controlled way to enjoy the benefits of THC without exposing your lungs to harmful smoke then THC Pills are your best choice. All products here are made from BC Grown Cannabis and manufactured in Canada to insure quality.

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Cannabis as a medicine has been around for centuries, now modern science is catching up and WhitePalm is at the forefront of it giving you the ability to Order THC Pills Online.  Not everyone wants to smoke Cannabis, we get that, smoking can do damage to your lungs and when using Cannabis as a medicine that kind of defeats the purpose right?  This is why medical marijuana patients that are using Cannabis to help deal with serious health problems are turning to Cannabis Oil and the best way to take it is in pill form.  With no need to find a place that’s appropriate to smoke, no setup time, and the ability to take them anywhere at any time, THC pills are perfect for quick discreet use.  As more laws relax in the Western World things will get more refined and compounds will be isolated so we will know exactly what Cannabinoids work best for each medical issue, but for now we have to rely on Cannabis oil extraction.  Extraction of the essential oils of Cannabis can be done in a few ways but the most common for Cannabis oil is Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction or CO2 Extraction.

This method is achieved by super cooling Carbon Dioxide gas and putting it under intense pressure to change it into a liquid state.  In this state the CO2 is able to be leech out all the oils from the Cannabis plant material, the mixture is separated from the plant matter and the CO2 is evaporated off leaving only pure oil behind.  This oil is then put into gel caps and is ready for consumption.